etape 1

Prepare your CV and a photo

Do not worry about the visual presentation of your current CV, it will be worked by us according to the template you have chosen. We only need the content of your CV.

Prepare a photo if you want a CV with photo. The quality of the photo is important, think about it.

For 2 or 3 CVs:

Our subscriptions allow you to go up to 3 different CVs for the same person. You just need to prepare your 2 or 3 CVs.

If you want a different photo by CV, then you need to prepare 1, 2 or 3 photos.

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Choose your subscription and place your order

Select the subscription adapted to your needs.

If 1 CV --> Basic subscription

If 2 CVs --> Advanced subscription

If 3 CVs --> Expert subscription

Documents imported for Advanced and Expert subscriptions:

The files of your CVs must contain the name CV1, CV2 and CV3 so that we can associate the right CV with the right template.

The files of your Photos must contain the name photo1, photo2 and photo3 and must be of good quality.

If you want the same photo for all your CVs, then one photo is enough.

etape 3

48H after you receive your PDF files

We take care of the design of your CVs.

You check and validate the documents received.

The bill

We will send you the invoice according to the subscription you have chosen and you will have 30 days to pay it.

etape 4

It's your turn again

Apply online with your new CV and get interviews.

Ask us for paper prints if you wish to apply in writing.

Your subscription allows you to make 5 updates to your CV over 1 year (5 updates per CV ordered).

Your "print" file :

Each CV is delivered with two PDF files. A PDF file to apply online and a "print" PDF file to go to a professional printer.

Upon your request, we will send you up to 15 CVs per CV ordered for the duration of your subscription.

If you wish to receive more than 15 CVs printed at home, we can take care of printing them and sending them to you.